Business Strategy

We believe our clients business strategy is their company's DNA; it guides every decision company makes and we would like to help.

value innovation

Process in which a company introduces new technologies or upgrades that are designed to achieve both product differentiation and low costs. Qualitesoft offers services to achieve this goal.

state of art design

Qualitesoft offers the highest state-of-the-art information- and knowledge-management practices achievement to date.


Our technology expertise spans across all major current technology platforms including Microsoft Technology Stack (.NET, SharePoint, BizTalk), Open Source JavaScript UI platforms, Java, Big Data Technology, Android, IOS, and Shopify Platforms.

Software DEVELOPMENT & quality assurance

Project: Enterprise Data Cube

Project Scope:

The Project consists of two primary components: building a data warehouse and providing an end-user query/reporting front-end to the data warehouse. The data warehouse (DW) is a separate database built on a separate server. This keeps the resource intensive report generation from interfering with the important on-line processing such as Marketing, Sales data. The DW is built by copying the data from the production and OLDP instances, reformatting the data and loading it into the data warehouse server. The front-end cube is developed and configured to present the graphical representation of the data in the data warehouse in an easy to understand manner.


  • Format the data such that it is easier for users to understand and to access.
  • Provide a reporting tool that allows users to write their own adhoc reports.
  • Build a data warehouse of the most commonly used data on a machine other than the production machine.
  • Develop routines to update this data regularly from the production database.
  • Reorganize the data tables into few tables with an easier to understand format
  • Rename tables and data fields to be more easily understood
  • Develop a set of commonly used pre-written reports.
  • Provide an easy method for users to develop their own reports and have easy access to both the common reports and their locally developed reports

Project Team: Business Systems Analyst, Business Analyst, BI Developers, Data warehouse Developer, Database Architect

Systems/Integrations: Salesforce, SAP, Tableau, Power BI, MSBI Suite (T-SQL, SSIS, SSAS) etc.

Enterprise Data Cube

Knox & Seap

Project: Maintain and participate in developing Knox and Seap sites.

Project Scope:

Increase business productivity and enhance the security of data. With the cloud-based Knox Manage, users will benefit from Compatibility with Android devices as well as Tizen, iOS and Windows 10 operating systems. 

Set up encrypted containers on employee devices to isolate business applications and data from personal data. Knox Platform for Enterprise gives users an encrypted folder that keeps confidential business data safe without affecting the way the rest of the device is used on-chip container encryption and decryption for stronger attack resistance



  • Develop and Maintain the site that provides the coverage and reliability to keep business running – with security that’s trusted by banks and government.
  •  Develop front-end of the application
  • Develop a set of commonly used pre-written reports.
  • Work closely with quality assurance team to achieve top noch quality 
  • Work closely with business analyst to implement new changes on production
  • Deploy changes on pre and production environments 
  • Team has worked on the following two sites:

    Samsungknox.com   Seap.samsung.com

Project Team: Business Systems Analyst, Business Analyst, Front and back end  Developers, DevOps team, Database Architect and quality assurance team.

Project: Development, Configuration and Quality Assurance

Project Scope:

Implementing and servicing enterprise feedback management programs.  

Utilizes CEM platforms to program surveys and design online reporting interfaces for LRW’s Customer Experience Practice. This platform is designed to collect actionable customer feedback and make it available for analysis in real-time. Using this feedback platform, the Solutions Analyst will implement and support projects for leading global companies in retail, hospitality, B2B, and other industries.


Two main phases in the life cycle of each study:

  • Implementation (Design / Build / Launch)
  • Servicing (Maintain / Improve / Change / Expand)
  • Building the survey per specifications.
  • Building User AI (script) per specifications
  • Configuring API or SFTP connections for data import/export.
  • Building reporting dashboards
  • Configuring various system settings
  • Functional and Regression test all the newly developed code and configuration.
  • Provide Test results after build is verified.

Project Team: Director of Solutions, Business analyst, Software Configuration and quality Assurance engineers, Ground Managers, Java developers,  XML experts, etc.



Project: Document Manual Tests, Develop and Maintain Automation Test scripts

Project Scope:

Analyze applications and products to Create, Maintain and Update Test cases used in Manual and Automated testing


  • Implement Test Case Management System.
  • Identify ideal candidates for Automation
  • Develop optimal Automation Framework that has maximum ROI
  • Enhance Test Scripts periodically to add coverage for new features 
  • Increase Test Effectiveness by 25%
  • Maintain Test Scripts
  • Document all Test cases
  • Provide daily, weekly and monthly progress report and plan to achieve top notch overall quality

Project Team: Product Analyst, .NET Developers, DevOps Team, QA team, Program Manager.

Systems/Integrations: ASP .NET, C#, SQL Server,Selenium WebDriver, Java, Testlink, etc.

Below are few samples of the mobile application that we have developed that works on android and iOS, smartphone & tablet.

Apps built


the art of networking

As a head of the Pre-Sales Department with Stella Price and Associates, Erin skillfully leads a networking team of over 400 realtors. This App is designed to have all her agents under one umbrella, send  and receive notifications, grant access, etc.


Download Revive App and enjoy all it’s features.

At Revive Massage Therapy we have experienced Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) that strive to stay current in their massage therapy techniques and modalities. All of our RMT’s will provide relaxation and/or therapeutic massage therapy treatments in a very relaxing environment.

Winter festival

By downloading this App, experience Canada’s Largest Winter Festival. Escape to a hidden village with a beautiful skating rink, a tube park, massive light displays, a Christmas Market, amusement rides, food gardens, magical characters, and plenty of other exciting activities.

We have  developed many  eCommerce websites that facilitate online transactions of goods and services. Here’re few of the sample sites:


Supplements Simplified

SupHub is an eCommerce platform created for all the Canadians who are aiming to improve their current lifestyle and health. Aim is to give back to the communities in which we call home, providing reliable service and high-quality supplements to our fellow Canadians at significantly below retail prices. The key goal for SupHub is to be the go-to health supplement marketplace for Canadians.

Quality makes brushes & cosmetics

Furless Cosmetics is an Australian eCommerce online platform that sells high quality synthetic professional makeup brushes and accessories that are stylish, functional, and most importantly, they are all fur-free.

With their wide range of cruelty free single brushes, brush sets, brush rolls and cases are all vegan friendly, and vary in price to suit the student, the makeup junkie or the professional makeup artist.

Maternity and Nursing clothing store

Linea Negra Maternity is an online store, the leading fashionable maternity in Asia, has been dressing stylish and celebrity Moms since its inception in 2003. Store carries over 30 of the best, tested, sought-after maternity & nursing brands from round the world.

All the pieces at Linea Negra look like the non-maternity styles you see in fashion magazines and runways.

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Qualitèsoft is proud to support small and mid-sized companies focus on their core business, outsource or offshore to a lower-cost region and provide support only larger infrastructure foot-prints could provide. For the last five years we have provided our customers consistent, top quality services with an effective and responsible pricing strategy.