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Online Test Cases Developed
Test coverage
Saved time by having online test case management

As a Canadian owned and operated company, Client strives to provide Canadians with more options in furniture and home décor. Client is privately held Canadian online retailer that drives high class decor to Canadian and international market


Client was facing challenges creating, maintaining and updating test cases while performing regress testing on their site. Client also believed that they need people on a project who can think critically about a system, ask questions, and raise issues and concerns, and that’s what testers and test cases plays an important role.
The most successful projects have succeeded in part because they had the right mix of skills, and it’s a rare project where someone with a tester’s thought process isn’t part of that mix.


Qualitesoft, known as one of the best testing solutions provider company, announced the accomplishment for major E-commerce website regression testing suite.
Using a blend of dedicated software testers, Quality Assurance team and hardcore mobile testers. Qualiesoft ensured a smooth launch of E-commerce site’s web service and mobile service and fulfilled the key project requirements of quality, delivery on time, speed and budget.

Testing team created total 15,333 test cases for this project which covered every single module of the project and also covered the test cases for the website in IOS and Androids devices. The major challenge for the team was to execute all the test cases in only few weeks of time as client prepared the deadline due to summer offers sale on website. So in few working days, QA team had to create online test cases, complete the regression testing, retesting of the bugs raised in previous build and development team had to fix the issues which testing team could have encountered while executing test cases for regression testing.

Senior test specialist allocated the test cases execution to every resource in such a way that respective resource had the best hands on the respective module to increase the number of test cases execution per day by every resource.

Specialist also guided the team to execute the test cases for major functionality on priority basis. Lead scheduled the test cases items basis on the priority in such a way that if major bug exists in the build then it should be caught in first few days so that developers can fix the bug and team can deliver the build on time.


– Centralized Test Case Management was introduced
– 100% Test Coverage
– 40% Time Saved
– Quality Delivery

Guided by a Qualitesoft Senior software test specialist, the diverse testing team was able to complete testing with a high-quality product in time for the launch, leading to customer satisfaction.